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The Problem with understanding Jesus is about Faith... one should know that it is very helpful to read the Torah for a true reference on who the prophets for told of.  And who the Yehoshua Ben Nun, was to be.... Who he would be and what he would accomplish for the people of the world. Not just jews and Christians The prophets Often referred to Him as the branch to come. And Him who "would take root below and bring fruit above" To God the father. The same Prophets that Mohammad so graciously accepts in the first portion of the Koran and so hastily disregards in the second portion . Strangely... this seems to, coincide with his rejection as a prophet. from the Jews and Christian. It is possible that things changed for Mohamad at this point.But,   To understand JESUS and His birth you must understand the need for the birth. You need to see why Man needed an atonement for their sins. You see, God Looked down and saw that no man could claim righteousness enough to represent him self at the judgment.  No man could be found worthy to become part of the kingdom of God. And all men would be condemned at the judgment to come. Being a merciful God as both Muslims and Christians profess. God did have a plan for the salvation of all man, not just the Muslims.   As man was busy about trying to prove to God he was worthy of redemption. He was failing miserably threw all sorts of pagan and ritualistic worship. God knew, that according the laws of heaven which had now been sent on earth through ABRAHAM, these same laws had come to disallow man to be able to ascend to heaven.
  What had been sent to give life and elevate man had in fact condemned him. The law of Life had caused death to man because his flashly sin nature and body was just to putrid to become clean through the keeping of the Law. This is how much purer and perfect God is then men.

  According to the law of God Given through Moses and the prophets, we would all now be condemned to death eternally. Yes the laws that were sent to give life they, in fact condemned man to everlasting condemnation. Eternal torture. This is the deal that God made in heaven for mans redemption. The heavenly Host all watching to see if God would keep his word. Like a good king who would even sacrifice his son if promised.
  Now the enemy of God "Satin" was quite satisfied he could twart Gods plan, and he is in fact still at work.  But God had a plan of redemption. That through the pure and holy sinless offering of one man,  all men could be redeemed. Sounds strange to us but if you really under stood the atonement process of God , you would see it fits quite well with Gods requirement for sin to be washed away. For God has decreed that only pure sinless blood can wash away sins. So, the Atonement had to be made from a pure blood line and be sinless. This was the only way ... for men to be saved.  Now you might ask what about good works.. Yes they are needed to show your answer to that which is being offered to you. But they alone cannot wash away the sin.   They act as an answer to God that you agree with what is written in His laws. Your good loving and kind righteous works, act as a sign between you and God that you agree that these things are right. But if your guilty of not doing all that is right which is written in the law of the prophets, then... at that same time you agree they are right. But you your self can see that you are worthy of the punishment they require. For it is written that you must be clear of doing all the Law and any one who breaks one of the Laws of God Breaks all of them, So you should start to see that you also need the atonement of Pure and righteous blood to make you clean from all sin.

  Many don't see it like this.  This is why it is so hard for men of all creeds to accept the sin offering that YESHUA is. For God so love us that he offered his only pure atoning sacrifice, the one true pure sinless man,. His Son.  So Muslims being taught not to believe this is nothing new or different. It has been the test of all humanity for all time . To those who had to believe he would come... and to those who had to believe he has come ...and will again at the end of the age..This is the real difference between Christians and Muslim. As good Muslim will abstain from all types of sin. And evil.. That is good. But also the true and faithful Christian will do the same. For we too are call unto obedience through Faith. Both have faults and fall short of their Goal. This Goal of righteousness can-not be attained in our self. We cannot wipe clean our selves enough to make our selves clean. God says even though you wash your self with Acid and scrub with Pure snow, you will not be seen as clean in His sight. God is not a man like us who can be of flesh. He is pure Light, and Spirit. You see we have been tainted with human sin. From the first man Adam,  we have all received the condemnation of the death sentence and are unable to keep all the Holy law of God, in our fleshly bodies. We put a Vail over a woman's face but it is the sinful lust within the man which is the true sin.   Not her beauty which temps our week flesh, but it is our week flesh which is unable to control itself. We are sinful in our nature, and it is contrary to God. But the spirit of Christ living in us can control it. And if we walk in his spirit we can be washed clean from the sin which so easily temps us all.  Since we cannot keep the Law of God .
  God sent Jesus, Yeshua ,..A prophet, yes and so much more.. He is the atonement for our sins. The Love he has shown us through his obedience to God the father, is the same that he wants us to show to one another. In the mercy and peace of love toward our fellow man he calls us to practice mercy . Not hatred and Judgment.  He said Mercy triumphs over Judgment. That is your judgment of other whom you are just as guilty of , guilty of the same like passions and sin. Then, if you Judge others for that which you your selves are guilty of, then you are all the more condemned. Your self. If your teachers teach you judgment you your selves will be judged with that same judgment as you your selves have committed the same kinds of sins in your life. You who are Muslim. Jews or Christians..and judge others with your Laws of sin . You will be judged with out mercy, if you do not come into the mercy of Jesus, and stop judging others to death. Therefore judge with mercy and love and kindness, and abstain form all that is sinful. But, lead other in love and mercy not judgment and over-lording. We all need the adornment for our sins to enter into the kingdom of the Father. Don't get hung up on the idea that God has no Son. He doses have a Son and He came to relieve you of your eternal punishment . If you will become obedient to his testimony. The Father God of all creation, sent him to atone for our sins . For the Muslim that stuggels with this understand this .. He Jesus did say the " father is greater then I." So yes the Father is grater then Jesus. But Jesus was one with him in spirit. He came to do the will Of God for mens sake. The same as you might think that Mohamad is one in spirit with God. Jesus was. He was the son of god so he could make atonement. Mohamad made no atonement for your sins. Jesus the Messiah did. If you miss this you miss everything.I hope this helps some to see that although secularism has infiltrated the believer in Christ, it has also enter into the Muslim faith. So let us not judge each other for our faults in short comings toward God. But come into the grace and mercy of the atoning one, He will wash you clean and set you free from judgment and fill your heart with love and peace that transcends understanding.  Peace and love in the name of God the father and his Son the atonement for our sins,
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