SHORKIE terrier 
 DOB: 6/2/13
 Reg:        no reg.
 Gender:   female
 Color:    black
 Size:      under 6 lbs.
 Available: now

    * All pedigree pups are supplied with a CKC registration.  No AKC reg's are available. Pups have a 1 year warranty against inherited or congenital defects that are life threatening

    * We accept deposits of $200.00 or more on pups under 8 weeks old.  No deposits accepted after 8 weeks old unless arrangements are made earlier.   Purchased by Pay pal, or cash for shipping or pick up.     Balance to be paid at time of booked flight or pick up.   All transactions must be completed within 5 business days.  I don't board dogs.   If you purchase a pup and need to board it before taking it home please find a kennel in your area for this.          

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 Shih Tzu
 Shorkie Tzu

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 Bringing you the best in Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terriers.
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 Any pups that are not of age may be reserved with a $200 deposit.

 Call if you are interested in a pup.  You can find my address and phone # on the bottom of the page.

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  I do not accept checks of any kind or credit cards.  CASH SALE ONLY
Due to the slow economy I will be taking deposits on pups and then getting there health certs. unless specified otherwise.   If you see a pup you like please let me know and make that  deposit so he/she can see the vet for the check up and certs.  
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  Face book sponsors a lost and found for Hernando county, Florida.  If you have lost or found a pet please post there so they can be relocated with their owners.
Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

Because all dogs have a protein in their saliva and dander (flakes of dead skin) to which some people may be allergic, there's no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Yet some dogs do produce less dander, while others shed less and so don't drop as much dander-laden fur around the house. A few dogs that allergy sufferers may consider include schnauzers, poodles, bichon frises, and Portuguese water dogs.
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